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Manifestation applies to every aspect of life – including sexual desire

Now one of the things that I know from many years working with men and women in sex therapy role is that sexual pleasure is often regarded as something which is the product of mechanical process – finding a better technique, finding a better sex position, finding some key to magnificent female orgasms, or generally just finding some way of improving the physical interaction of two bodies.

But as you may well be aware, the fact is that female orgasms are not generally dependent on sex positions alone! A woman sexual desire is very different indeed to that of a man’s, where the simple stimulus of a naked woman is generally enough to trigger an orgasm – and often sooner rather than later! Indeed, the fact of the matter is that women’s sexual desire is a mystery to most men. And as for the female orgasm that’s a mystery beyond understanding!

But this really matters – because although most of us don’t understand it, intimate and successful sex is the key to a successful relationship, and without that, most couples will eventually find that their interest in each other wanes, and they become – well, to be honest “bored” – with each other.

Now I’m all for enhancing sexual enjoyment by finding new sex positions which offer great joy and physical pleasure, but it’s a truism that for sex to be sustained within a relationship, it’s necessary for both partners to have an emotional interaction which goes far beyond the physicality of sexual intercourse.

Of course, there’s no doubt that physical intimacy is necessary for a good relationship – and yet the same time there is much to learn even on the physical level, particularly for a lot of women who aren’t confident about achieving female orgasm (although it’s fair to say that the Internet has provided massive education in this area for a lot of women in recent years).

The men, the physical learning is all about controlling ejaculation which is unduly premature – which is very necessary, and regrettably comparatively uncommon. (I mean the effort to control premature ejaculation is uncommon, not the condition itself!)

The Law of Attraction, intimacy and sexual relationships

Now please don’t misunderstand me I’m not suggesting that you actually have to use the principles of Law of Attraction to have a good sexual relationship – because that would clearly be ridiculous.

What I’m suggesting is that if you actually are looking for a sexual relationship, or if you have an inadequate sexual relationship and you don’t know what to do about it, but you know that you do wish to improve it, or there is a lack of intimacy in your life, then the principles behind the law of attraction are absolutely the right ones for you to use to change your situation for the better.

I mean think about it! Manifestation, a process of getting what you want, by using the principles of the Law of Attraction, is all about your ability to get what you want in life.

The essence of manifestation is an educated and informed way of using your mind to reprogram your expectations about life so that you can in fact enjoy exactly what you want in life – be it wealth, good relationship, a great job, living in a place that makes your heart sing with joy… Absolutely anything is a subject which you can use the law of attraction to manifest.

Now the essence of the law of attraction is programming your subconscious mind with a different set of expectations the ones that it holds at the moment – so ask yourself this: if you’re in a relationship the quality of which does not match up to your expectations or desires, why is that?

Similarly if you’re enjoying sex which falls below the standard that you expect to enjoy, why is that?

The truth of the matter must be this: that your beliefs about yourself your ability in the world to hold a sexual relationship, and about your sexual ability are limiting your capacity to express fully your natural innate sexual joy and talent.

If so, then it follows, does it not, that what you need do is change the beliefs you hold about yourself which limit your sexual expression?

One of the essential features behind the reprogramming  the subconscious mind, which holds all the beliefs that you enjoy (or not) is visualization. As you’re probably very well aware, visualization is a process by which you picture – preferably in an altered state of consciousness – a desired outcome which you wish to manifest in your life.

The universe will always respond, without fail, to an outcome which is expressed in an altered state of consciousness known as the Alpha brainwave frequency, which is visualized in a relaxed physical state with complete belief and absolute certainty.

Now, if you visualize yourself in a perfect sexual relationship which is meeting all your needs, providing all the things that you want in terms of both physical satisfaction, physical intimacy, and emotional intimacy, then it’s a guaranteed given that you will actually manifest the ideal partner for you book, the one who is capable of realizing all your dreams.

Having said that, I’m aware that many people actually have tried manifesting a perfect sexual relationship by visualizing the person who – at least in their imagination – is exactly right for them. Sadly, they often report failure in their attempts to do this.

Why should that be? The answer is probably because people don’t completely believe in what they’re trying to do: we know that one of the eight pre-requisites for successful manifestation is absolute belief and complete certainty in what you’re doing. In other words you actually have to completely believe that the process is going to be successful in manifesting what you want, and you absolutely have to believe that you’re worthy of whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

I’m sure at this stage you can see that this technique is quite sophisticated, and takes everyone far beyond the simple expectation that changing sexual positions is going to produce a massive improvement in the quality of your sex life: life simply doesn’t work like that.

Manifestation is, as many of you already know, process that spiritual and physical in nature, but it requires a certain number of pre-requisites to be fulfilled, including absolute belief, complete certainty, total expectation, clarity of intention, and the ability to meditate on the eight desired outcome whilst residing in a slightly altered state of consciousness.

Perhaps this list of requirements is too much for most people, his level of consciousness is probably not evolved beyond the simple expectation that life is an unchanging pattern that they cannot control.

For those of us who are slightly more enlightened, the knowledge that we can change limiting beliefs, and that then we can expand our horizons and expectations so as to get what we want from the universal process of manifestation offers the greatest encouragement for a better sex life and a more intimate physicality.

This is a kind of intimacy that goes far beyond simply altering sex positions on a weekly basis in the never-ending search – which is almost certainly doomed to failure – for physical pleasure.

The Adonis golden ratio can improve sex

Yes, it certainly can!

Those of you who have been thinking of The Adonis Golden Ratio as a weight loss and diet plan, think again!

The truth of the matter is that the Adonis golden ratio is an all-round fitness program, which can improve your life in many areas, including your sex life. It is, in short, a sexual fitness program!

To be brief, when you’re fit, all the muscles of your body enable you to engage in more vigorous sexual activity, which is going to be more enjoyable for you and your partner.

In addition, your pubococcygeal muscles, which are a vital part of the sensations that you experience it orgasm, are going to be more powerful, will contract more fiercely when you come, and will allow you to enjoy your orgasm even more.

Furthermore, when you’re fit and healthy, and exercising regularly, you’re actually going to be much less stressed and feeling better about yourself than if you’re sitting on the couch eating bags of potato chips.

So although that’s a rather ludicrous and extreme example, there’s no doubt that feeling fit reduces stress, exercise makes you feel better about yourself, and Eating a good diet and losing weight enables you to enjoy sexual activity more.

One of the reasons that eating a good diet is particularly important is because if you’re eating lots of fat, you’re going to be clogging your arteries with both saturated and unsaturated fat, and the consequence of that can easily be erectile dysfunction and semirigid erections — particularly as a man moves into midlife.

So for wonderful sex I’m recommending The Adonis Golden Ratio….

Now of course, you’re not going to find anywhere in the Adonis golden ratio recommendation that you buy it to improve your sex life!

Fact remains, however, that doing some kind of exercise program and fitness regimen will certainly make you feel better and give you the sexual fitness that will make intercourse more enjoyable — and it will also probably increase your sex drive.

Video the connection between sex and exercise

Now of course everything that I’ve said above is true for women as well as men, and there is a program for women called the Venus Factor by John Barban, who also wrote the Adonis Golden Ratio.

This too is a program for a rapid weight loss, getting fit, and exercising.

I need hardly point out, I’m sure, that a couple who are fit and healthy, who aren’t carrying excess pounds, who have strong erections, high levels of fitness, good stamina, and aerobic fitness as well, will enjoy a great sex life…

And that’s not only because the act of sex is more rewarding, but also because they will feel much more desire for each other.

When you think about it, there are almost no reasons why anybody who cared about their well-being, let alone of the quality of their sex life, would not take part in these two health and fitness programs!

So, what do you get when you join?

Well first of all, you get a highly individualized program of diet and exercise — which means that you have something to you and to your physiology and your objectives.

Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, achieve aerobic fitness, or any combination of these factors, the program that you get when you join will enable you to do the optimum level of exercise and give you the optimal diet that stands the most chance of helping you to achieve your objectives.

That’s true for both men and women, although It’s important to understand that one of the factors that really makes it easier to achieve fitness is MOTIVATION!

Yes, motivation really is critically important, but then when you think about the rewards, they ought to be motivation enough!

For example, the thought that you won’t get erectile dysfunction due to fat clogging up your penile arteries is pretty compelling from men moving into their midlife….

But just a very fact that you can enjoy different sex positions more easily, that you can try out different sex positions to your hearts content, in fact, is another great motivation.

Because, let’s face it, some of the positions listed on this site are rather extreme and quite challenging — and probably not going to be available to anybody who hasn’t got high level of flexibility and fitness. And again, these are things that you get from the Adonis Index program and the Venus Factor program, for men and women respectively.

No mention of the fact that motivation is important when you’re trying to get fit, and just to close this brief piece, it’s worth mentioning that one of the big assets for any member of the Adonis golden ratio system or the Venus factor community, is the fact that they’re going to be part of a large community of thousands of people who are all rooting for them, who are all trying to achieve the same thing, and who all want the same successful outcome.


Great Sex Positions!

Some fabulous advice today if you want a more exciting sex life – the coital alignment technique offers great rewards and the possibility of female orgasm during intercourse.

Check out how to adapt missionary sex using the coital alignment technique here. And if you really want to know some more sex techniques, then this may be useful for you too! While Tumblr has loads of pretty pornographic blogs, this one at least has a degree of decency about it!

manontop (24)

Boyfriend Unable to Ejaculate During Sex?

Ah, yes, now that’s no going to help your enjoyment of sex much!

This is delayed ejaculation, and it means a man is unable to ejaculate during sexual intercourse (and sometimes masturbation).

There is a cure – which you can find here – check this out if your boyfriend is unable to ejaculate during intercourse. A quick, simple and easy program to use at home during sex.

Sex Positions To Control Premature Ejaculation

Cognitive techniques that changes a man’s thinking during sex, combined with behavioral pacing techniques that slow down his approach to orgasm, combined with relaxation to calm feelings of anxiety, may be an ideal starting point for a man who wishes to control his premature ejaculation during intercourse.

In other words, therefore, effective treatment of premature ejaculation involves three steps: learning to become sensuously and sensually aroused, and making the transition from this state of arousal into sexual arousal, while simultaneously maintaining a state of physiological relaxation.

What this means is that a man can become sexually aroused because he himself is fully invested in the sexual act, rather than because he’s been aroused by merely seeing his partner or anticipating sex.

Here’s a video on premature ejaculation by Rod Phillips


The second step is to learn conscious control of premature ejaculation by changing thinking and behavior, using techniques that enable man to resist the rapid increase in sexual arousal and a fast approach to the point of no return. The third element is that of comfortable corporation with a lover, ensuring that the man knows how to please her satisfactorily.

However, as far as sexual positions for controlling premature ejaculation are concerned, the best is by far the side-by-side sex position. It has been said many times on the Internet that this is a good position for sexual intercourse for men who come quickly, but the reason why this statement has been made is because it is absolutely true!

The fact is that the side-by-side sex position puts far less pressure on the man’s penis than any other sex position, while still allowing women to feel a great deal of pleasure from the pressure of the penis against the internal tissues of the vaginal wall. In this way, the needs of both partners in the sexual act can be satisfied, giving the manner great chance of prolonging lovemaking, while still pleasing the woman.

It’s certainly true that the lack of sensation a man feels may make him initially feel that he’s getting less pleasure from sexual intercourse than he otherwise would, but the reality of the matter is that this long buildup to orgasm will ultimately make his orgasm much more pleasurable.

It’s a fact that when sexual pleasure is prolonged, and the process of arousal extended by using sex positions which cause less stimulation to the penis, ultimately one’s orgasm and emotional fulfillment are much greater.

Though this may be a strange fact, it’s absolutely true, and it emphasizes that sex positions like man on top, where the man is able to thrust deeply and achieve a rapid and satisfying orgasm, are not necessarily designed in any way for female pleasure, but only to satisfy the needs of the man.

It’s also true, therefore. that anything which the man finds highly arousing, like rear entry sex, will also have the same impact on his sexual performance — that is to say, his performance will deteriorate, and the speed of his ejaculation will increase. Now as challenging as it may be to use sex positions which delay orgasm and overcome premature ejaculation in this way, it will ultimately be a great advantage to the relationship.

Curing Premature Ejaculation Isn’t Just About Sex


After all, sacrificing your own sexual pleasure to prolong intercourse is a very generous gesture of showing you want to please your partner, and allowing her to gain satisfaction. It will not have escaped you, either, that the other significant advantage of the side-by-side sex position is that the woman is able to stimulate her clitoris — or indeed, the man can do it for her.

All of these advantages, including the fact that the man and woman can fondle each other’s breasts, can kiss, and can talk, while being able to look each other in the eye, and also the fact that they can pause during intercourse, — all of these are things which add to the pleasure and satisfaction of sex if the couple are aiming for greater intimacy and emotional connection during penetration and lovemaking.

One of the things about positions such as the man on top is that they can rapidly become a means for ejaculation control – a sex position like this enables both partners to gain a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure, allowing intimacy to be re-established, and that in itself allows the man to establish greater control over his ejaculation. You can read much more here – The Female Orgasm Blueprint.

The way this works is that when intimacy and sexual connection are really established deeply between the couple, the man’s anxiety decreases significantly — and as you may well aware, anxiety is a very significant factor in the genesis of premature ejaculation.

Many men have emotional control alongside physical control, and it’s to everybody’s advantage that this should be so, because the sex act is ultimately both more meaningful and more pleasurable using positions like side-by-side sex, which mean that the man may eventually be able to ejaculate with complete control, or at least with significantly more control than he has hitherto been able to establish.

After establishing control, it is likely that the man is going to find he’s far less excited by the act of sexual intercourse then he previously was — and here, by excited, what we mean is excited in an uncontrolled way, in a way that takes his arousal rapidly towards the point of no return, the point ejaculatory inevitability, and causes him to ejaculate more or less uncontrollably.

Its incumbent on every couple to experiment with sexual positions to find the ones that make them less likely to ejaculate prematurely, of the man to be able to go on and make love for as long as his partner desires.

Ultimately of course, the final objective of war men seeking greater ejaculatory control is to be able to orgasm by command, to ejaculate by choice, that is to say when a man feels that he is chief satisfaction and woman is able to reach orgasm. In most cases of woman orgasm during intercourse she will trigger the man’s orgasm since the experience is simply too exciting for him to resist any longer.

Nonetheless this is a good compromise, and gives both partners great pleasure, therefore we highly recommend not only techniques to control premature ejaculation, but sexual positions which prolong the act of lovemaking. Only in this way is a member of the establish effective control over premature ejaculation.

Delayed Ejaculation Can Be Controlled Too!

What is delayed ejaculation?

Causes of delayed ejaculation

Treatment of delayed ejaculation

Porn and delayed ejaculation

Links to these videos:

Porn and delayed ejaculation

Causes of delayed ejaculation

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Definition of delayed ejaculation

Sex Positions As A Form Of Sex Therapy

One of the more interesting aspects of various sex positions is the possibility that they hold as therapy for various sexual dysfunctions. For example, we all know that a lot of men experience premature ejaculation; what may not be quite so well known is the fact that depending on the position that the man adopts during intercourse with his partner, it may be possible for him to significantly extend the duration of intercourse.

So, for example, a man who finds the rear entry position particularly arousing, is not going to find his staying power increase significantly if he makes love in this position. It’s simply too arousing him to be able to extend the duration of intercourse and improve his ejaculatory control. However, if a man in this position chooses to use the side-by-side for making love, he will find immediately that he is able to last much longer before he ejaculates.

This is because this is a position which is extremely satisfying for the woman but simultaneously puts considerably less pressure on the man’s penis,  by allowing him to make love without the danger of ejaculating too soon. interestingly enough, delayed ejaculation is the converse of this condition, involving a reflex ejaculate through response to making love which is considerably delayed — or even non-existent. What this means in practice, is that a man with delayed ejaculation we find it absolutely impossible to ejaculate during intercourse, in fact which deprives both him and his partner of considerable satisfaction and pleasure during the act of lovemaking.

There is still debate about the origin and causation of delayed ejaculation: to this day it is not entirely clear what causes it, however we do know is that it’s extremely unlikely that it’s due to physical conditions such as an insensitive penis or slow ejaculatory reflexes. Only in cases of nerve damage due to conditions like diabetic neuropathy or muscular sclerosis is there likely to be physical condition underlying the delayed ejaculation.

As you may have gathered, this means that delayed ejaculation is usually due to emotional or psychological causes that almost invariably develop in the relationship.

One of the interesting things about treating delayed ejaculation is that it isn’t necessary to address the emotional issues in every case. For example, if you prescribed a treatment method which involved establishing greater intimacy and sensual connection on a physical level, and the couple applied these techniques assiduously, you would almost always find that the emotional difficulties which might be responsible for the delayed ejaculation also disappeared fairly quickly. (An exception would be when the relationship was already in dire trouble and was unlikely to be saved by therapy.)

Now, it may not actually be the necessary for a couple to see a sex therapist for treatment for delayed ejaculation. I would advise any couple who have difficulty with delayed ejaculation to try using those sex positions which the man finds most exciting or arousing. This may be the converse of the solution for premature ejaculation — using, say, the rear entry sex position because that is what he finds most exciting.

I do however want to emphasize that this alone may not be enough to cure the condition. Delayed ejaculation can be a pernicious and difficult condition to overcome without effective treatment. This means that while you can do a great deal with self-help, such as using the most arousing sex position for the man, you may need to do other things as well — and here I’m talking about things such as providing additional stimulation to the man by identifying and stimulating his most erogenous zones.

This might mean, for example, anal stimulation during intercourse, or perhaps nipple and anal stimulation. Now, I know the physical dynamics of sexual activity between a couple don’t always wear for easy access to the partner’s anus, so one way of achieving this might be to use a vibrator during intercourse, inserted into the man’s anus, using ample lubrication, and attached to a cable so that it can be withdrawn easily. For hygiene reasons you might wish to enclose the vibrator in a condom.

A Cracking Sex Position Of The Day!

Rear entry sex position of the day – does daily sex get any better?

It’s very lustful, isn’t it? And that’s probably what makes this sex position so arousing for men and women alike!

It just taps into our most sexy urges and desires to mate swiftly and fiercely. And so arousing is this sex position of the day that it can speed up a man’s climax and make him orgasm with great intensity, turned on by the sight of his penis thrusting in and out of the woman;s body!

For men, this sex position offers many different thrills – the feel of her bottom as his balls swing against her vulva, the ability to hold his partner tight, and the lustful way she can move with him….

As you can guess, this sex position of the day is not the best for men who need to  last longer in bed for men! But even so, a couple can enjoy this sexual position every day – there are many variaitons. The woman can kneel with her chest up or down, and her pelvis low down or high up. Such movements will let the man’s erection enter her vagina at different angles and alter the sensations they both enjoy.

She can move so as to get greater stimulation and pleasure; she can match her man’s thrusts or she can remain still in this sex position and receive his thrusts. As he thrusts, her man can fondle her breasts or clitoris. And he can indulge his desire to possess her by holding her tight or he can lean back and see himself thrusting in and out of her. WOW! What a great sex position of the day!

Sex Position Of The Day

What an exciting sex position of the day this is!

If you’re not used to trying new positions when you have sex, make this the day you get some new excitement in bed!








Now – why would you want to make this a sex position of the day? It’s a variation on rear entry, of course, and men find this very excting. Here are some tips on how to make this sex position of the day even better!

Have the woman lying on her stomach, with the man kneeling behind her. He can position his legs ether inside or outside hers, and he can easily insert his penis. He may need to adjust the angle of penetration to get into this sex position of the day,  and she may may need to raise or lower her pelvis so that he can easily slip his cock  into her pussy. But when he’s in, she can move her legs apart or together, which will increase the friction on his penis and make the sex position feel even better!

He can then thrust into her as slowly or as quickly as s/he prefers, using two hands to hold her around the waist or using one to play with her breasts and clitoris. Deep penetration and a sense of taking his partner is great for the man in this sexy sex position of the day, while he can also easily thrust against the upper inside wall of his partner’s vagina, where her G-spot is located.

The intensity of this sexual position of the day means that many man tend to come quickly – which makes it a great position to end a day’s lovemaking. This day’s sex position is, overall, very sexually arousing and exciting for the man. This is certainly in the top ten favorite sex positions of the day for men.

Andf of course, as with all these sex positions of the day, there are many little changes and variations which a couple can enjoy discovering all by themselves, and which may add an extra dimension to the day’s experince of sex! It’s all about the angle of the man’s erect penis in the woman’s receptive vagina, and of course, the fact that men can enjoy the sight of the female partner’s rear. There’s a real lustful satisfaction in this for a lot of men – and women, too!

All in all, rear entry sex positions of the day are good for a quick session of sex. And remember that sometimes you can enjoy sex more successfully in this sex position of the day if the woman places a pillow under her hips to hoick them up a bit. This makes it easier for  for the man to penetrate her.

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It’s Not Unusual…

…to be loved by you, as the song had it. Try out some of these more unusual “sex positions of the day” when you’re in the mood for something a bit more adventurous than your usual sexual menu, and see how they feel. These funky and extraordinary “sex positions of the day” can provide you with a whole new thrill – or give you a pain in the neck!

Question is, why doesn’t she ever take her shoes off? Does that have anything to do with the sex positions she’s enjoying day by day?




















Acrobatic Sex Position Of The Day!