A Cracking Sex Position Of The Day!

Rear entry sex position of the day – does daily sex get any better?

It’s very lustful, isn’t it? And that’s probably what makes this sex position so arousing for men and women alike!

It just taps into our most sexy urges and desires to mate swiftly and fiercely. And so arousing is this sex position of the day that it can speed up a man’s climax and make him orgasm with great intensity, turned on by the sight of his penis thrusting in and out of the woman;s body!

For men, this sex position offers many different thrills – the feel of her bottom as his balls swing against her vulva, the ability to hold his partner tight, and the lustful way she can move with him….

As you can guess, this sex position of the day is not the best for men who need to  last longer in bed for men! But even so, a couple can enjoy this sexual position every day – there are many variations.

The woman can kneel with her chest up or down, and her pelvis low down or high up. Such movements will let the man’s erection enter her vagina at different angles and alter the sensations they both enjoy.

She can move so as to get greater stimulation and pleasure; she can match her man’s thrusts or she can remain still in this sex position and receive his thrusts.

As he thrusts, her man can fondle her breasts or clitoris. And he can indulge his desire to possess her by holding her tight or he can lean back and see himself thrusting in and out of her. WOW! What a great sex position of the day!