A Cracking Sex Position Of The Day!

Rear entry sex position of the day – does daily sex get any better?

It’s very lustful, isn’t it? And that’s probably what makes this sex position so arousing for men and women alike!

It just taps into our most sexy urges and desires to mate swiftly and fiercely. And so arousing is this sex position of the day that it can speed up a man’s climax and make him orgasm with great intensity, turned on by the sight of his penis thrusting in and out of the woman;s body!

For men, this sex position offers many different thrills – the feel of her bottom as his balls swing against her vulva, the ability to hold his partner tight, and the lustful way she can move with him….

As you can guess, this sex position of the day is not the best for men who need to  last longer in bed for men! But even so, a couple can enjoy this sexual position every day – there are many variations.

The woman can kneel with her chest up or down, and her pelvis low down or high up. Such movements will let the man’s erection enter her vagina at different angles and alter the sensations they both enjoy.

She can move so as to get greater stimulation and pleasure; she can match her man’s thrusts or she can remain still in this sex position and receive his thrusts.

As he thrusts, her man can fondle her breasts or clitoris. And he can indulge his desire to possess her by holding her tight or he can lean back and see himself thrusting in and out of her. WOW! What a great sex position of the day!

Sex Position Of The Day

What an exciting sex position of the day this is!

If you’re not used to trying new positions when you have sex, make this the day you get some new excitement in bed!






Now – why would you want to make this a sex position of the day? It’s a variation on rear entry, of course, and men find this very exciting. Here are some tips on how to make this sex position of the day even better!

Have the woman lying on her stomach, with the man kneeling behind her. He can position his legs ether inside or outside hers, and he can easily insert his penis.

He may need to adjust the angle of penetration to get into this sex position of the day,  and she may may need to raise or lower her pelvis so that he can easily slip his cock  into her pussy.

But when he’s in, she can move her legs apart or together, which will increase the friction on his penis and make the sex position feel even better!

He can then thrust into her as slowly or as quickly as s/he prefers, using two hands to hold her around the waist or using one to play with her breasts and clitoris.

Deep penetration and a sense of taking his partner is great for the man in this sexy sex position of the day, while he can also easily thrust against the upper inside wall of his partner’s vagina, where her G-spot is located.

The intensity of this sexual position of the day means that many man tend to come quickly – which makes it a great position to end a day’s lovemaking.

This day’s sex position is, overall, very sexually arousing and exciting for the man. This is certainly in the top ten favorite sex positions of the day for men.

And of course, as with all these sex positions of the day, there are many little changes and variations which a couple can enjoy discovering all by themselves, and which may add an extra dimension to the day’s experience of sex!

It’s all about the angle of the man’s erect penis in the woman’s receptive vagina, and of course, the fact that men can enjoy the sight of the female partner’s rear. There’s a real lustful satisfaction in this for a lot of men – and women, too!

All in all, rear entry sex positions of the day are good for a quick session of sex.

And remember that sometimes you can enjoy sex more successfully in this sex position of the day if the woman places a pillow under her hips to hoick them up a bit. This makes it easier for  for the man to penetrate her.

Try This Sex Position Of The Day For Size

A great sex position of the day for men who have a large penis, because the pressure of the woman’s thighs on the shaft of the penis makes it seem like penetration is deep – which may not be possible if the woman is not aroused or her vagina is shallow. To get the full benefit, the woman needs to keep her legs inside her partner’s.

Rear Entry High Leg

Now here’s an interesting sex position. Rear entry with a leg up high. It allows him plenty of opportunity to get to her clitoris, breasts and lets her get to his testicles and scrotum. He’s got to support her, of course, so it may not be a position you can hold for long, but the different angles at which his cock will enter her vagina certainly promises some new sensations!

And just in case it all looks a bit too athletic for you, here’s something more restful to try which will also give you great sensations and some new excitement…..