It’s Not Unusual…

…to be loved by you, as the song had it. Try out some of these more unusual “sex positions of the day” when you’re in the mood for something a bit more adventurous than your usual sexual menu, and see how they feel.

These funky and extraordinary “sex positions of the day” can provide you with a whole new thrill – or give you a pain in the neck!

Question is, why doesn’t she ever take her shoes off? Does that have anything to do with the sex positions she’s enjoying day by day?















Acrobatic Sex Position Of The Day!

Sex Position Of The Day For You Adventurous Types

What a great sex position of the day!

It’s always fun to try new sex positions: they can add excitement and novelty to your sex life. And with this website, you can try a new sex position every day of your life!

But why? What’s so good about new sex positions every day? The point is that new sexual positions can be very arousing because they give you new sexnsations – and some of these sex positions of the day also offer an unexpected view of your partner’s cock or pussy. When you can see penetration during your lovemaking, many men get very excited……maybe today that’ll be you?

And even better, try these new sex positions of the day means the different angles of penis in vagina can provide you with powerful new sensations. That’s particularly true if the man’s erection presses harder on the woman’s G spot than it normally would, or if the man’s penis is enclosed more tightly in his partner’s vagina.

Here is an exciting new position of the day you might want to try – even if only for the fun of it!







Another great sex position of the day!

For The Flexible Cock

Don’t try this unless you have a flexible erection, guys, because it might hurt……

Sex positions






Here’s one great advantage of this sex position – the woman can play with her clit, so there’s plenty of opportunity for her to come while her man’s still inside her.

And for those of you whose cock won’t bend so far down – which probably means the less well endowed guys who tend to have a harder, stiffer erection that points straight up when they’re standing – here’s a less demanding sex position:

sitting sex positions