For better sex, read this!

Manifestation applies to every aspect of life – including sexual desire

Now one of the things that I know from many years working with men and women in sex therapy role is that sexual pleasure is often regarded as something which is the product of mechanical process.

Sex is a fundamental part of who we are and should be honoured.

This might be finding a better technique, finding a better sex position, knowing how to enjoy your woman much better, finding some key to magnificent female orgasms, or generally just finding some way of improving the physical interaction of two bodies.

But as you may well be aware, the fact is that female orgasms are not generally dependent on sex positions alone!

A woman sexual desire is very different indeed to that of a man’s. It may take a lot of foreplay for a man to discover how to make a woman come. But the simple stimulus of a naked woman is generally enough to trigger desire – and a little stimulation can make him come – often sooner rather than later!

Indeed, the fact of the matter is that women’s sexual desire is a mystery to most men. And as for the female orgasm that’s a mystery beyond understanding!

But this really matters – because although most of us don’t understand it, intimate and successful sex is the key to a successful relationship, and without that, most couples will eventually find that their interest in each other wanes, and they become – well, to be honest “bored” – with each other.

Now I’m all for enhancing sexual enjoyment by finding new sex positions which offer great joy and physical pleasure, but it’s a truism that for sex to be sustained within a relationship, it’s necessary for both partners to have an emotional interaction which goes far beyond the physicality of sexual intercourse.

Of course, there’s no doubt that physical intimacy is necessary for a good relationship – and yet the same time there is much to learn even on the physical level, particularly for a lot of women who aren’t confident about achieving female orgasm (although it’s fair to say that the Internet has provided massive education in this area for a lot of women in recent years).

The men, the physical learning is all about controlling ejaculation which is unduly premature – which is very necessary, and regrettably comparatively uncommon. (I mean the effort to control premature ejaculation is uncommon, not the condition itself!)

The Law of Attraction, intimacy and sexual relationships

Now please don’t misunderstand me I’m not suggesting that you actually have to use the principles of Law of Attraction to have a good sexual relationship – because that would clearly be ridiculous.

What I’m suggesting is that if you actually are looking for a sexual relationship, or if you have an inadequate sexual relationship and you don’t know what to do about it, but you know that you do wish to improve it, or there is a lack of intimacy in your life, then the principles behind the law of attraction are absolutely the right ones for you to use to change your situation for the better.

I mean think about it! Manifestation, a process of getting what you want, by using the principles of the Law of Attraction, is all about your ability to get what you want in life.

The essence of manifestation is an educated and informed way of using your mind to reprogram your expectations about life so that you can in fact enjoy exactly what you want in life – be it wealth, good relationship, a great job, living in a place that makes your heart sing with joy… Absolutely anything is a subject which you can use the law of attraction to manifest.

Now the essence of the law of attraction is programming your subconscious mind with a different set of expectations the ones that it holds at the moment – so ask yourself this: if you’re in a relationship the quality of which does not match up to your expectations or desires, why is that?

Similarly if you’re enjoying sex which falls below the standard that you expect to enjoy, why is that?

The truth of the matter must be this: that your beliefs about yourself your ability in the world to hold a sexual relationship, and about your sexual ability are limiting your capacity to express fully your natural innate sexual joy and talent.

If so, then it follows, does it not, that what you need do is change the beliefs you hold about yourself which limit your sexual expression?

One of the essential features behind the reprogramming  the subconscious mind, which holds all the beliefs that you enjoy (or not) is visualization. As you’re probably very well aware, visualization is a process by which you picture – preferably in an altered state of consciousness – a desired outcome which you want.

The universe will always respond, without fail, to an outcome which is expressed in an altered state of consciousness known as the Alpha brainwave frequency, which is visualized in a relaxed physical state with complete belief and absolute certainty.

Now, if you visualize yourself in a perfect sexual relationship which is meeting all your needs, providing all the things that you want in terms of both physical satisfaction, physical intimacy, and emotional intimacy, then it’s a guaranteed given that you will actually manifest the ideal partner for you book, the one who is capable of realizing all your dreams.

Having said that, I’m aware that many people actually have tried manifesting a perfect sexual relationship by visualizing the person who – at least in their imagination – is exactly right for them. Sadly, they often report failure in their attempts to do this.

Why should that be? The answer is probably because people don’t completely believe in what they’re trying to do: we know that one of the eight pre-requisites for successful manifestation is absolute belief and complete certainty in what you’re doing.

In other words you actually have to completely believe that the process is going to be successful in manifesting what you want, and you absolutely have to believe that you’re worthy of whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

I’m sure at this stage you can see that this technique is quite sophisticated, and takes everyone far beyond the simple expectation that changing sexual positions is going to produce a massive improvement in the quality of your sex life: life simply doesn’t work like that.

Manifestation is, as many of you already know, process that spiritual and physical in nature, but it requires a certain number of pre-requisites to be fulfilled, including absolute belief, complete certainty, total expectation, clarity of intention, and the ability to meditate on the eight desired outcome whilst residing in a slightly altered state of consciousness.

Perhaps this list of requirements is too much for most people, his level of consciousness is probably not evolved beyond the simple expectation that life is an unchanging pattern that they cannot control.

For those of us who are slightly more enlightened, the knowledge that we can change limiting beliefs, and that then we can expand our horizons and expectations so as to get what we want from the universal process of manifestation offers the greatest encouragement for a better sex life and a more intimate physicality.

This is a kind of intimacy that goes far beyond simply altering sex positions on a weekly basis in the never-ending search – which is almost certainly doomed to failure – for physical pleasure.