Good Ol’ Man On Top

We all know why we like it – the most popular sex position all around the world…..

  • The woman feels safe and can feel she is being “taken”
  • The man can get a sense of dominance
  • It’s comfortable
  • It’s a powerful position for men to express their sexuality and enjoy great orgasms
  • Women can enjoy the sense of being receptive, open and giving themselves to their partner
  • It allows kissing and bodily contact as well as eye-contact
  • Deep penetration is possible with a few minor adjustments to the angle of her hips

But there are drawbacks…

  • Her clitoris isn’t very accessible
  • He may well come very quickly because it’s an exciting and arousing sex position – and his muscles are tense if he keeps his weight off his partner (this tension can make a man come more quickly)man on top sex position