Good Ol’ Man On Top

We all know why we like it – the most popular sex position all around the world…..

  • The woman feels safe and can feel she is being “taken”
  • The man can get a sense of dominance
  • It’s comfortable
  • It’s a powerful position for men to express their sexuality and enjoy great orgasms
  • Women can enjoy the sense of being receptive, open and giving themselves to their partner
  • It allows kissing and bodily contact as well as eye-contact
  • Deep penetration is possible with a few minor adjustments to the angle of her hips

But there are drawbacks…

  • Her clitoris isn’t very accessible
  • He may well come very quickly because it’s an exciting and arousing sex position – and his muscles are tense if he keeps his weight off his partner (this tension can make a man come more quickly)man on top sex position



For The Flexible Cock

Don’t try this unless you have a flexible erection, guys, because it might hurt……

Sex positions






Here’s one great advantage of this sex position – the woman can play with her clit, so there’s plenty of opportunity for her to come while her man’s still inside her.

And for those of you whose cock won’t bend so far down – which probably means the less well endowed guys who tend to have a harder, stiffer erection that points straight up when they’re standing – here’s a less demanding sex position:

sitting sex positions

Rear Entry High Leg

Now here’s an interesting sex position. Rear entry with a leg up high. It allows him plenty of opportunity to get to her clitoris, breasts and lets her get to his testicles and scrotum. He’s got to support her, of course, so it may not be a position you can hold for long, but the different angles at which his cock will enter her vagina certainly promises some new sensations!

And just in case it all looks a bit too athletic for you, here’s something more restful to try which will also give you great sensations and some new excitement…..

Side By Side On The Sofa

What would you call this? It’s a great sex position for athletic dudes and gals who just can’t wait for bedtime. Advantages: it’s sexy and exciting, gives great access to her clitoris and breasts, so she might just come during sex! It also means he can’t thrust hard or fast (at least, not easily!) so he might last longer – long enough for her to reach orgasm first, perhaps? I guess it’s not so good for large people, though – there isn’t much room on the sofa…..

The angle of entry means a lot less pressure on his cock after he’s entered her, but it’s just as satisfying for her as she gets good G spot stimulation.

All in all, it’s exciting and sexy, can give you great orgasms, and well worth a try.

Sex Position Of The Day

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Well, simply to provide a tasteful resource which will enable you to share ideas for sex positions with your significant other. After all, not all women or men want to look at out-and-out porn! This is a sex positions site with a difference. We aim to entertain, amuse, inform and educate in the nicest possible way – with tasteful and varied photos of sex positions.

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