Sex Positions As A Form Of Sex Therapy

One of the more interesting aspects of various sex positions is the possibility that they hold as therapy for various sexual dysfunctions.

For example, we all know that a lot of men experience premature ejaculation. What may not be quite so well known is the fact that depending on the position that the man adopts during intercourse with his partner, it may be possible for him to significantly extend the duration of intercourse.

So, for example, a man who finds the rear entry position particularly arousing, is not going to find his staying power increase significantly if he makes love in this position.

It’s simply too arousing him to be able to extend the duration of intercourse and improve his ejaculatory control.

However, if a man in this position chooses to use the side-by-side for making love, he will find immediately that he is able to last much longer before he ejaculates.

This is because this is a position which is extremely satisfying for the woman but simultaneously puts considerably less pressure on the man’s penis. This lets him make love without the danger of ejaculating too soon.

interestingly enough, delayed ejaculation is the converse of this condition, involving a reflex ejaculate through response to making love which is considerably delayed — or even non-existent.

What this means in practice, is that a man with delayed ejaculation we find it absolutely impossible to ejaculate during intercourse, in fact which deprives both him and his partner of considerable satisfaction and pleasure during the act of lovemaking.

There is still debate about the origin and causation of delayed ejaculation. To this day it is not entirely clear what causes it. However we do know is that it’s extremely unlikely that it’s due to physical conditions such as an insensitive penis or slow ejaculatory reflexes.

Only in cases of nerve damage due to conditions like diabetic neuropathy or muscular sclerosis is there likely to be physical condition underlying the delayed ejaculation.

As you may have gathered, this means that delayed ejaculation is usually due to emotional or psychological causes that almost invariably develop in the relationship.

One of the interesting things about treating delayed ejaculation is that it isn’t necessary to address the emotional issues in every case.

For example, if you prescribed a treatment method which involved establishing greater intimacy and sensual connection on a physical level, and the couple applied these techniques assiduously, you would almost always find that the emotional difficulties which might be responsible for the delayed ejaculation also disappeared fairly quickly.

(An exception would be when the relationship was already in dire trouble and was unlikely to be saved by therapy.)

Now, it may not actually be the necessary for a couple to see a sex therapist for treatment for a man who cannot ejaculate.

I would advise any couple who have difficulty with delayed ejaculation to try using those sex positions which the man finds most exciting or arousing.

This may be the converse of the solution for premature ejaculation — using, say, the rear entry sex position because that is what he finds most exciting.

I do however want to emphasize that this alone may not be enough to cure the condition. Delayed ejaculation can be a pernicious and difficult condition to overcome without effective treatment.

This means that while you can do a great deal with self-help, such as using the most arousing sex position for the man, you may need to do other things as well — and here I’m talking about things such as providing additional stimulation to the man by identifying and stimulating his most erogenous zones.

This might mean, for example, anal stimulation during intercourse, or perhaps nipple and anal stimulation.

Now, I know the physical dynamics of sexual activity between a couple don’t always wear for easy access to the partner’s anus. So one way of achieving this might be to use a vibrator during intercourse, inserted into the man’s anus, using ample lubrication, and attached to a cable so that it can be withdrawn easily. For hygiene reasons you might wish to enclose the vibrator in a condom.