Standing Sex

Standing sex positions are always good for a quickie, or for adding excitement when passion takes hold, and you just can’t resist the idea of quick fuck. And it’s also great for the exhibitionists amongst us – those who love the idea of having sex in a public place, perhaps just raising her skirt, getting your erect cock out of your trousers, and doing it there and then!

Strain on your legs means it’s definitely not a position long-lasting sex, and probably not position the great romantic interludes either, although face-to-face sex does allow kissing, breast fondling, and even lets the woman hoist herself up around the man’s hips – if he’s strong enough to hold her! A word of warning here though: because she happens to slip down whilst his erect cock is still inside her, the damage can be dramatic! (If you’ve never heard of a fractured penis, try and keep it that way….)

So, all in all, a very exciting sex position, a passionate sex position, but one that needs a degree of care, and perhaps more than one eye open for the approach of passers-by if you happen to be doing it out of doors. And of course the other problem you might find is that you’re at different heights, and you have to adjust things so that penetration is possible.